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Published Online : 18 February 2018
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Analytical solution of highly nonlinear system of two dimensional Volterra integral equations is studied by the reduced dierential transform method [RDTM]. We present a new property of RDTM to acquire the recursive relation which is used to get analytical solution of the above mentioned two dimensional system. Results of the nu- merical examples obtained by RDTM are compared with the existing results obtained by TDDTM. Though solutions obtained by RDTM and TDDTM are same, RDTM has signicant advantage over TDDTM that is RDTM generates the solution of the nonlinear problem by operating the multivariable function with respect to a desired variable only not on all of their independent variables unlike in TDDTM so that RDTM reduces the time consumption than TDDTM.
Keywords : Reduced dierential transform method, Volterra integral equa- tions


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