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On Some Distinguished Subspaces and Relationship Between Duals
Published Online : 18 February 2018
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In this paper, we observe some new spaces to obtain new β- and γ- type duality of a sequence space λ, related to the some sequence spaces. Before this we give some new distinguished subspaces of an FK space obtained by an operator of Ayd n and Başar [2], which is stronger than common C1- Cesàro oper- ator. We also give some structural theorems and inclusions for these distinguished subspaces. Finally we prove some theorems related to the f-, ars- and arb- duality of a sequence space λ like Goes [14] and Buntinas [8]. These theorems are important to decade the duality of a sequence space in summability theory and topological sequence spaces theory.
Keywords : FK spaces, Matrix methods, β-, γ-, f- duality.


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